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“Una Voce per San Marino” : Detailed results released!

San Marino’s public channel “RTV San Marino” published the detailed notarized results of the national final “Una Voce per San Marino”, which took place on Saturday, February 19, 2022, in which Achille Lauro qualified to represent San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest this year with the song “Stripper”.

Jurors Mogol, Susanne Georgi, Simon Lee, Classissa Martinelli and Dino Stewart are completely free to use personal taste and based on artistic judgements, they scored each performance from 1 to 10 and determined who will represent San Marino in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The notary recorded the votes of each jury and prepared the total jury results. He then added the overall ranking to the minutes and presented it to the San Marino state channel RTV.

Here are the detailed jury results:

1) Achille Lauro (41 points)

2) Burak Yeter and Alessandro (40 points)

3) Aaron Sibley (39 points)

4) Spagna (37 points)

5) Matteo Faustini (35 points)

5) Francesco Monte (35 points)

7) Camille Cabaltera (34 points)

7) Vina Rose (34 points)

9) Deshedus feat. Tony Cicco e Alberto Fortis (33 points)

9) Mericler (33 points)

11) Basti (31 points)

11) Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio (31 points)

11) Elena and Francesco Faggi (31 points)

11) Cristina Ramos (31 points)

11) Valerio Scanu (31 points)

16) Kurt Cassar (30 points)

17) Alessia Labate (27 points)

17) Mate (27 points)

Source: Una Voce per San Marino

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