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Ukraine: Junior Eurovision 2022 National Selection Finalists Revealed

UA:PBC has revealed the five acts that will be competing to represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Armenia.

With over 50 applications received from artists across the world to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2022, UA:PBC have revealed the five that will be competing in the Ukrainian national final. The participants are:

Sofia Artemenko and DJ Polinka – “Zamovlyannya” (Order)
Zlata Dzyunka – “Nezlamna” (Unbreakable)
Elizaveta Petruk – “Pisnya pro Lelechat” (Stork song)
Darya Rebrova – “Paporoti kvitka” (Fern flower)
Diana Stasiuk – “We are the Future”
The Ukrainian national final is will be held on September 18 in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. The show will be broadcast on Suspilne Kultura and online via Facebook and YouTube.

Olena Usenko represented Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with “Vazhil”. She finished in 6th place with 125 points, which included 12 points from the Bulgarian and Spanish juries.

Image Source: UA:PBC | Source: UA:PBC / Eurovoix

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