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Switzerland: SRF explained how the representative will be determined!

Swiss public broadcaster SRF announced how the Swiss participant for Eurovision 2022 will be chosen. According to SRF, together with a panel of spectators, the international jury will determine who will go to the “Eurovision Song Contest” in Turin for Switzerland in 2022.

The expert jury consists of 23 international experts. The “Eurovision Song Contest” is not new territory for them. They have already proven their expertise in this competition as a juror, participant, or songwriter.

Here are the jurors who will take part in the international professional jury:

* Pete Watson (musical director, producer, and songwriter)
* Mark De Lisser (choir director, arranger, and vocal coach)
* Henrik Johnsson (presenter and producer, technical expert in the German preliminary round for the ESC 2018)
* Grzegorz Urban (musical director from Poland)
* Argyro Christodoulidou (pianist and singer from Cyprus)
* Amie Borgar (expert jury in the Finnish pre-selection process for the ESC, juror in the Finnish jury at the ESC 2021)
* Gore Melian (singer and songwriter from Armenia)
* Ilinca Bacilli (singer and actress, representative of Romania in ESC 2017)
* Ludmila Kuts (jazz singer from Belarus)
* Milan Havrda (singer and songwriter from Czech Republic)
* Julian le Play (singer from Austria, won the Amadeus Awards five times)
* Samuli Väänänen (senior editor at Spotify Finland, music journalist, presenter)
* Gabriela Horn (PAENDA) (producer, musician and singer from Austria, representative of Austria in ESC 2019)
* Florent Luyckx (music and artist promoter)
* Karl-Ander Reismann (songwriter and music producer from Estonia, juror in the Estonian jury at the ESC 2021)
* Ovidiu Jacobsen (artist, songwriter, musician and producer from Norway and Romania)
* Deivydas Zvonkus (music supervisor, record producer, songwriter, composer from Lithunia)
* Anders Øhrstrøm (composer, music producer, sound designer, vocal coach and singer from Denmark)
* Helga Möller (representative of Iceland in ESC 1986 with Icytrio)
* Tinkara Kovac (musician, singer, lyricist and flautist from Slovenia, representative of Slovenia ESC 2014)
* Maria Marcus (songwriter and producer from Sweden)
* Alexey Gross (pop singer and musician from Belarus)
* Gordon Groothedde (producer and composer from the Netherlands)

Source: SRF

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