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Slovenia: Joker Out Film Music Video for Eurovision Entry

Joker Out have finished filming the music video for their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.

The Slovenian representatives for Eurovision 2023, Joker Out have completed filming the music video for their entry for the contest in Liverpool. Filming of the music video took place over the past weekend, with Mark Pirc believed to have been the Creative Director behind the video.

Joker Out, who will represent Slovenia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, will present their song through a special show called Misija Liverpool. The show will be broadcast on 4 February with filming taking place on January 28.

Little is known about their entry, other than the fact that it will be performed in Slovenian and it has already been recorded at a studio in Hamburg. They are the first act to have been internally selected to represent Slovenia since 2013.


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