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San Marino: 585 Applications Received For Una voce per San Marino

585 applications were received for those wishing to compete in Una voce per San Marino, and go to Eurovision 2022.

With the casting round of Una voce per San Marino soon to be over, RTV has revealed that in total 585 applied to take part in Una voce per San Marino. Out of the 585 applications, a total of 299 applicants in the emerging artists have been invited to attend an academy at the Teatro Titano in San Marino City from December 13 to 17, 2021 and from January 3 to 11, 2022.

The 299 included singers such as Sebastian Schmidt who took part in San Marino’s old national final 1in360 in 2018 and ended up singing the song “Stay” in the final round. Sebastian ended up singing at Eurovision 2018 as a backing singer for Jessika and Jenifer Brening.  Overall singers from over 30 nations have taken part in this round of the San Marinese selection.

The 299 singers at the casting stage of the contest have been judged by a jury of music experts that will determine the finalists in the emerging artists. The full list of the jury can be found here.

“We have solved the difficulties caused by Covid, moving the infected who in the meantime had become negative in the calendar further forward.”   Denny Montesi, Media Evolution

Singers taking part that were infected with Covid were able to retime their time slots to ensure they could still take part in a safe when once they tested negative.

In February 2022, a series of semi-finals and a final will decide the nine acts that will move on to the Grand Final. The emerging artists classified in the top 3 will receive cash prizes of €1000, €2000 and €7000 respectively.

The Grand Final will take place on February 19 2022 in the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana. A total of 18 artists will participate in the final; nine Emerging artists and nine Big artists, who will be directly invited by Media Evolution Srl. A jury will decide the winner and also second and third place.

Image Source: Andres Putting | Source: San Marino RTV / Eurovoix

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