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Record audience for Maltese national final “MESC 2022”

Maltese national final “MESC 2022” broke the audience record among all music competitions broadcast on Maltese state television TVM.

During the three days of the competition’s broadcast, over 500,000 people watched the Maltese national final. More than 160,000 people watched the grand final. In addition, 26,000 people watched the grand finale live on state channel TVM’s website, and more than 200,000 followed the competition on social media. In total, 386,000 people (75% of the total population) watched the grand finale.

Malta has determined its representative via a national final for the first time since 2018. The competition took place at the Malta Exhibition and Convention Center in Ta’Qali. As a result of the national final with 85% jury and 15% public vote, Emma Muscat was selected to represent Malta in Turin with her song “Out of Sight”.

Source: TVM

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