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Norway: Three Artists Qualify From Melodi Grand Prix Semi-Final Two

Three more artists have qualified for the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2023.

Tonight the Norwegian selection continued in Oslo. Seven songs were in the running for three slots in the Final on February 4th. The results are as follows (qualifiers in bold):

  1. JONE — “Ekko inni meg” (Echo in me)
  2. Sandra Lyng — “Drøm d bort” (Dream it away)
  3. Alejandro Fuentes — “Fuego” 
  4. Swing’it — “Prohibition”
  5. Elsie Bay — “Love you in a dream”
  6. Ella — “Waist”
  7. Bjørn Olav Edvardsen — “Turn Off My Heart”

They join the three artists who qualified from last week’s semi-final, who are:

  • Alessandra Mele — “Queen of Kings”
  • Umami Tsunami — “Geronimo” 
  • Ulrikke — “Honestly”

The dates for the remainder of Melodi Grand Prix 2023 are:

  • Semi-Final Three songs revealed – January 23
  • Semi-Final Three – January 28
  • Final – February 4
About Melodi Grand Prix 2023

Changes have already been announced to the format of Melodi Grand Prix for the 2023 contest. Pre-qualified artists have been removed, meaning all twenty-one artists must now compete for a spot in the Grand Final.

Also, the number of Semi-Finals has been reduced from five to three, with the Second Chance round also removed for 2023. In addition, the duels format which has been used in recent years has been removed. Instead, all seven artists will perform and a vote will then be held where the top three will progress to the final. Artists may also use Autotune in their performances if they wish.

Further changes have been made for the Grand Final, with the return of the International Jury. The jury has been reintroduced to increase the chances of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. The jury will be formed of music professionals from a number of countries, the members of the jury will be announced following the final. Lastly, there is a change to the public voting, now viewers can only vote for one artist per semi-final.

Image source: Maria Naglestad / NRK


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