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Daði’s ‘Fine’ As His New Single Gets Released

Icelandic Eurovision sensation Daði Freyr has dropped a new single today and it’s a banger! Echoing back to the dance music and rythmic beats of “Think About Things”, his new single “I’m Fine” will be sure to get you out of your seat and dancing. In fact, Daði is already cheekily touting its early success on his Twitter:


Daði Freyr, along with his family and friends who made up Gagnamagnið, were due to represent Iceland (and according to the bookies, potentially win) Eurovision 2020 before it was cancelled. In October 2020, Icelandic broadcaster RUV decided that their national final Söngvakeppnin 2021 would be canceled, opting to internally select Daði & Gagnamagnið to go to Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

When two members of Gagnamagnið tested positive for Covid-19 after the first rehearsals, Daði made the difficult decision to compete in Eurovision with the pre-recorded footage recorded in an empty Ahoy Arena during their second rehearsal – if they all couldn’t be on stage together, none of them would be. Despite this, Iceland finished second in its Semi Final (just 3 points behind first place Switzerland) and finished in 4th place in the Grand Final with 378 points! That was Iceland’s best finish since Yohanna’s second place in 2009!

You can listen to “I’m Fine” below on Spotify.


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