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Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou Reveals His Journey to Eurovision

In a recent exclusive interview with CYBC: Eurovision Cyprus, Andrew Lambrou revealed details of his selection process to become the Cypriot Eurovision entry for 2023 and his rise to a successful music career.

Asked about Eurovision 2023, Andrew reveals that it all started off with an email from the Chairman of CyBC. He explains the process with the discussions they both had to make his participation at Eurovision 2023 into the real deal. He and his family were more than elated that he would go on to represent Cyprus at the upcoming Eurovision in Liverpool in 2023. Talking about how his previous audiences were all a massive part of this selection; the behind-the-scenes thoughts and ideas and the support given to him to achieve something as exciting and immense as Eurovision.

Asked about what is the ‘next step’, he explained the preparatory elements going into his entry and performance; becoming mentally and vocally in-tune and perfect to deliver an outstanding performance and to work with his team at the greatest level. Andrew will be traveling soon, presumably to Cyprus to further enhance preparations, including camerawork, stage presence and movement. Andrew wants to make himself, his family, Australia and Cyprus proud.

Quizzed on his favourite Eurovision song, he mentions Helena Paparizou and her entry ‘My Number One’, which represented Greece at Eurovision 2005 and won the contest. Elena Foureira’s “Fuego” mesmerised him, as well as mind-blowing him after the fiery performance at end result; she came 2nd for Cyprus in 2018 (their best-ever result). But the song he is inspired the most by and still inspires him to this day is ‘Molitva’ by Marija Šerifović who represented Serbia at Eurovision 2007 and won that year’s contest. He mentions that at his young age, that particular performance made him ‘sit back’ and travel to ‘another world’.

However, being asked about his song for the 2023 contest, he remains tight-lipped on the genre, wanting it to be a ‘surprise’ when it is released. Andrew says “I do have a vision, and I think it is important for everyone to have a vision, especially hoping onto the Eurovision stage”. He continues “As an artist, you want that to shine through, for Eurovision and for the viewers at home. I want it to speak them”. Andrew hopes that when fans watch is performance it makes them to stop and think of the long process of putting it all together, as well as making it an outstanding performance.

When asked about the thought of winning Eurovision, Andrew states that everyone going to Eurovision should have a mindset to win but it shouldn’t just be on that. You should aim to go out there with all your handwork to make yourself and everyone proud of what you have achieved.

Image Source: SBS | Source: CyBC: Eurovision Cyprus // Eurovoix

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