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Belgium: Fifteen Member Eurosong 2023 Jury Revealed

VRT has revealed the 15-member jury that will have a 50% say in the results of the Belgian selection for Eurovision 2023.

Four big names from Eurovision and 11 other music professionals will be determining 50% of the result in Eurosong 2023. The four big names will feature in the final of Eurosong 2023 and comment on the competing songs, these guest jurors are:

  • Alexander Rybak – Winner of Eurovision 2009
  • Nikkie de Jager – Host at Eurovision 2021
  • Laura Tesoro – Represented Belgium at Eurovision 2016
  • Jérémie Makiese – Represented Belgium at Eurovision 2022

The remaining eleven jurors will watch the competition from backstage and will also vote. The other members of the jury are:

  • Laura Govaerts (MNM)
  • Ann Reymen (Radio2)
  • Korneel De Clercq (Radio 1)
  • Thibault Christiaensen (StuBru)
  • Francicso Schuster ( #LikeMe )
  • Leslie Cable (Head of Delegation for RTBF at the Eurovision Song Contest)
  • Jasper Van Biesen (Author of “65 years of Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest”)
  • Stephan Monsieur (Chair of OGAE Belgium)
  • André Vermeulen (Journalist and Eurovision specialist)
  • Els Germonpré (Music coordinator Eén)
  • Manu Lammens (music manager MNM)

The live final of Eurosong 2023 will take place in Paleis 12 / Palais 12 in Brussels on January 14. A combination of an expert jury and public voting will choose the Belgian entry for Eurovision 2023.

The competing entries are:

  • Ameerah – “The Carnival” / “Armageddon”
  • Chérine – “Ca m’ennuie pas” (It doesn’t bother me) / “Mon étoile” (My star)
  • gala dragot – “emotion ollie” / “t‘inquiète” (don’t worry)
  • Gustaph – “Because of You” / “The Nail”
  • Hunter Falls – “Home” / “Ooh La La”
  • Loredana – “I Dream in Colours” / “You Lift Me Up”
  • The Starlings – “Oceanside” / “Rollercoaster”

Eurosong 2023 will mark the first time since 2016 that the Belgian entry for Eurovision will be chosen through a national final.

Image Source: Eurovision.tv | Source: VRT / Eurovoix

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