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🇱🇮 Liechtenstein: Potential Candidate for Eurovision 2025?

Radio Liechtenstein, the nation’s public radio broadcaster, has announced its intention to apply for membership in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). This move could mark a significant step for the small state, potentially opening doors to a range of European media events, including the Eurovision Song Contest.

The history of Liechtenstein’s engagement with the EBU dates back to the early 2010s, when there was a positive push towards participation in Eurovision. Unfortunately, the untimely passing of Peter Kolbel, the former director of 1 FL TV, Liechtenstein’s only television station, put these plans on hold.

The EBU membership application comes after years of speculation and interest from Liechtenstein in participating in Eurovision. The country’s previous attempts to join the contest were hindered by the absence of an EBU-affiliated broadcaster. Now, with Radio Liechtenstein stepping up, the possibility of Liechtenstein’s participation in Eurovision seems closer than ever.

Challenges Ahead

As a radio-only broadcaster, Radio Liechtenstein’s potential participation in Eurovision is unprecedented. The contest traditionally requires a televised broadcast in participating countries, a criterion that Radio Liechtenstein does not currently meet. This raises questions about how the broadcaster would navigate this requirement should their EBU membership be approved.

The implications of Radio Liechtenstein’s EBU membership extend beyond Eurovision. EBU membership offers access to a network of European broadcasters, sharing of content, and collaborative opportunities that could greatly benefit Liechtenstein’s media landscape.

Source: eurovoix / Escunited

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