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🇭🇷 Croatia: Who Are Let 3?

The thirteenth artist in our Who Is series for Eurovision 2023 is Let 3 from Croatia.

Let 3 (Flight 3) were formed in 1987 in Rijeka in northwestern Croatia. The current lineup of the band is Damir Martinović (bass guitar, effects, vocals), Zoran Prodanović (vocals), Ivan Bojčić (drums), Dražen Baljak (guitar, mandolin) and Matej Zec (guitar, backing tracks).

Let 3 released their first album “Two Dogs Fuckin’” in 1989. Since then they have released nine more albums. Their songs often contain provocative and vulgar lyrics and the band is known for shocking live performances with much nudity.

Their 1999 album “Nečuveno” was distributed as a CD which had nothing recorded on it. Despite this, it sold 350 copies. The following album “Jedina” was first recorded in only one copy which the band refused to sell or distribute; however the record company decided to release the album in slightly different versions. This caused the band to stage a (fake) suicide by firing squad on Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb in protest. Let 3 have been frequently targeted by conservative politicians and the Catholic Church for their performances and their feminist and pro-LGBT stances.

Let 3 were selected to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2023 after winning Dora 2023. They received the highest score from the regional juries and the public vote.

The song that Let 3 will perform in Liverpool is called “Mama ŠČ!”. It was written and composed by band members Damir Martinović and Zoran Prodanović.

Let 3 will perform in the first half of the first semi-final on May 9.

Image Source: Franko Kelam / Vecernji


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