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🇬🇷 Greece: Victor Vernicos to Eurovision 2023

ERT has announced that Victor Vernicos will represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Greece will be represented by Victor Vernicos with “What They Say” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 this May in the United Kingdom. They were selected from an extensive selection process that has been held over the past few months. 106 songs were submitted into the Greek selection before 7 songs were presented to two committees.

The entries were assessed by two committees; an Audience Committee made up of 70 members of the Greek public, and an ERT Jury Committee. The Audience Committee has a weighting factor of 50.6% against a 49.4% vote of the ERT Jury Committee. This is to reflect the voting changes in the Grand Final of the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The three acts that made the final shortlist were:

  • Antonia Kaouri & Maria Maragou – Shout Out
  • Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar
  • Victor Vernicos – What They Say

Victor Vernicos was proposed by PANIK records to represent Greece in Eurovision. He is 16 years old and and is Greek Danish, he has been performing since he was four years old and released his first single at the age of 14.

Source: ERT | Image Source: Victor Vernicos


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