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585 submissions so far for Ranina 2023

After commencing the search for Ranina 2023, which will select Georgia’s Junior Eurovision 2023 representative, GPB has announced that it has received 585 submissions for next year’s competition as of the 19th of December.

Applications open until January!

Young singers aged between 8 and 13 are able to apply to become “Ranineli” by submitting their information and attending a casting session! Applications are open until the 5th January 2023.

Ranina has been used as the selection show for Georgia’s Junior Eurovision participant for the last five years. The winner of the next season of Ranina will then go ahead and represent Georgia at Junior Eurovision 2023.

Georgia’s Junior Eurovision Journey

Georgia is the most successful country to take part in Junior Eurovision, currently with three wins under their belt. The country joined the Junior Eurovision family in 2007 with Mariam Romelashvili sing “Odelia Ranuni”, finishing in 4th place. They would go on to win the competition the following year, with Bzikebi’s “Bzz…”. Georgia would also win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 and 2016 respectively. Georgia also hosted the Contest in Tbilisi in 2017.

In 2022, Georgia was represented by Mariam Bigvava and her song “I Believe” in Yerevan. Once the combined scores were revealed, Georgia finished in 3rd place – earning 161 points. The online vote gave Georgia 47 points, whilst professional juries awarded 110 points to the country.


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